Salt Lake, Larnaca - Cyprus 2017

Salt Lake, Larnaca - Cyprus 2017



Hey there! I'm Malvina, a 26 year old island-girl from Cyprus living in London. Since very young I was curious to see what is beyond the horizons of my beautiful Mediterranean island and it has been my dream to visit every corner of the world. Join me as I embark on my adventures around the globe. 



La Vida Local

I started working on La Vida Local in March 2016 when I was living in China. Soon after I realised that my adventures there were far more time-consuming than I thought so the process of getting my travel blog up and running was inevitably delayed. Fast-forward to a few months later and endless concept-thoughts, here I created a humble photography/travel blog about my experiences around the world. I come from the capital of my small Mediterranean island, Cyprus and as a young islander, these are the first steps of thousands of miles.

The name

La Vida Local derived a few weeks before I got on the plane for Shanghai. Whilst singing the famous Ricky Martin song Living la Vida Loca,  I suddenly realised that I would be soon living a crazy life in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. The name afterwards came naturally.

As I immerse myself into the big wide world, I will share my new passion for photography; capturing and sharing stories of the local and authentic lifestyle and my travels in between.  

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Happy travels and thanks for visiting my blog :) 

Malvina x La Vida Local